Welcome to ExoBlog!

Today we’re launching the ExoBlog – a venue for showcasing some of the interesting capabilities and uses of ExoGENI. We plan to periodically post articles here describing the details of interesting slice configurations that you, our users, may find helpful.

Some of the content will be produced by us, the ExoGENI maintainers, however we also would like to solicit input from you. Some topics may come from interesting questions we get on the users mailing lists, so in a way this will be a more interactive version of an FAQ. We also want to encourage you to contribute content to us if you think you have a neat idea or use for ExoGENI that others may find interesting. Just contact us on the mailing list and we will put you in touch with someone who will help create the post.

We will announce the posts on the user mailing list as they are published.

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