Running OpenFlow experiments with real rack switches

We’ve described in the past how to run OpenFlow experiments in ExoGENI using virtual OVS switches hosted in virtual machines. With the release of ORCA5, it is now possible to run some experiments using the real OpenFlow switches in ExoGENI racks (for IBM-based racks they are the BNT G8264).

To do that, start your OpenFlow controller on a host with a publicly accessible IP address. Then create a slice in Flukes (remember to assign IP addresses to dataplane interfaces of the nodes) as shown in the figure below, making sure to mark the reservation as ‘OpenFlow’ and fill in the details – your email, slice password (not really important – can be any random string and you don’t need to remember it) and the url of the controller in the form of

tcp:<hostname or ip>:<port number, typically 6633>

Submit the slice and wait for the Flowvisor on the rack head node to connect to your controller. You should see the various events (e.g. PACKET_IN) flowing by in the controller log. And that’s it.

Creating a slice using OpenFlow capabilities of the rack switch

Creating a slice using OpenFlow capabilities of the rack switch

Current limitations – only one link per slice. Only ORCA5 IBM racks can do this at the moment, which excludes UvA, WVnet, NCSU and Duke racks.

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