Using ExoGENI slice modify/dynamic slice capabilities

This short post demonstrates in video form how to use the Flukes GUI to drive ExoGENI slice modify capabilities.

There are a few items that are worth remembering when using ExoGENI slice modify

  • Initial slice doesn’t need to be bound, however for all follow on modify operations you must bind slice elements explicitly
  • Slice modify is a ‘batch’ operation – you can accumulate some number of modifications and then click ‘Submit Changes’ to realize them. For everyone’s sanity it is best to keep the number of changes relatively small in each step.
    • Corollary: Simply clicking ‘Delete’ on node or link does not immediately remove it. You still have to click ‘Submit Changes’ to make it happen.
  • Modifying multi-point inter-domain links is not allowed. You can create a new multi-point link or delete existing one, but you cannot change the degree of an existing link for the time being
  • It is not possible to link a new inter-domain path to an existing broadcast link
  • When deleting paths across multiple domains please delete not just the ION/AL2S crossconnect, but the two neighboring crossconnects belonging to each rack, as shown in this figure:


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