Transitioning Flukes away from JWS to a command-line

Due to changes Oracle is making to Java, Flukes will soon no longer run as a Java WebStart (JWS) app – starting from Java 11 JWS functionality has been deprecated. In order to support our users, Flukes is now provided as a stand-alone app that can be started from the command line.

To run the latest version of Fluke please

  • Visit Flukes GitHub Site releases page and download the latest binary artifact flukes-<ver>
  • Unzip the file in a convenient location
  • Run it as flukes/bin/flukes on a Linux or Mac from a terminal. From windows, execute flukes/bin/flukes.bat

At this time we recommend using Java 8 JRE from Oracle.Java 8 still continues to run the JWS version of Flukes, but we anticipate not being able to support the JWS version in the near future, and thus providing a transition path to use Flukes as a standalone app.

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