ExoGENI: A Multi-Domain Infrastructure-as-a-Service Testbed

Ilia Baldine, Yufeng Xin, Anirban Mandal, Paul Ruth, Chris Heerman, and Jeff Chase;  TridentCom 2012
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Managing Identity and Authorization for Community Clouds

Jeff Chase and Prateek Jaipuria; Duke CS Technical Report
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ExoGENI Infrastructure-as-a-Service Architecture

A presentation on ExoGENI philosophy and architecture.
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TR-13-02: Using Semantic Web Description Techniques for Managing Resources in a Multi-Domain Infrastructure-as-a-Service Environment

RENCI Technical Report
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Autonomic Cloud Network Orchestration: A GENI Perspective.

A paper on ORCA network stitching architecture published in GLOBECOM 2010 (MENS workshop).
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Evaluating I/O Aware Network Management for Scientific Workflows on Networked Clouds

This paper presents a performance evaluation of scientific workflows on networked cloud systems with particular emphasis on evaluating the effect of provisioned network band- width on application I/O performance. The experiments were run on ExoGENI, a widely distributed networked in- frastructure as a service (NIaaS) testbed.

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TR-14-01: Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for Managing Resources in a Multi-Domain Infrastructure-as-a-Service Environment

This extended report provides information on integration of Semantic Web technologies (OWL schemas, inferences, rule engine) into the operation of ExoGENI. The paper also available from arxiv.